Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to any of Jeddle’s products or resources, you agree to the following terms:

  • Subject to renewal, you agree to pay the advertised amount as a lump-sum payment, charged at the time of purchase. Any cancellations of the licence after the time of payment will not entitle the licensee (or “user”) to a refund of any kind for any reason, whatsoever.
  • Jeddle retains exclusive intellectual property rights over all materials made available by Jeddle to users via its platform.
  • Subscribers to Jeddle’s marking and feedback tools, including but not limited to JeddAI, retain ownership over any original work that they input into the platform for the purpose of obtaining feedback and marking.
  • Jeddle will not use a subscriber’s submissions on the feedback and marking platform for the purpose of AI training unless consent is provided by the user.
  • A user is entitled to access, and access only, the digital resources made available after purchasing a subscription. Copying, printing, reproducing or redistributing the resources or information contained therein, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited.
  • Each licence is for one user, and the same user, only. Subscriptions and member accounts cannot be shared between multiple users and any reasonable grounds to suspect such conduct entitles Jeddle to cancel the relevant subscription without notice. In such an instance, the licensee will not be entitled to any refund for the amount paid. The licensee bares full responsibility for ensuring their membership details, including their username and password, remain known only to them. The licensee is liable to ensure that access to Jeddle’s resources is not made available to any third party.
  • Jeddle’s resources, and the platform on which they are located, may be changed at Jeddle’s discretion. Such changes will not constitute a breach of contract.
  • You accept that technical malfunctions on Jeddle’s website may occur from time to time and as a result may preclude access to resources for a limited period of time. Such instances will not entitle the user to a refund of any kind whatsoever unless the time in which the resources are unavailable exceeds 31 consecutive days.
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