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Learn how to master the Year 7 English course in no time. Jeddle’s short video tutorials, interactive exercises and practical study guides will teach you exactly how to ace your exams and write like a pro.

Our Core modules will show you how to analyse a text, write an essay and create your own imaginative and persuasive texts. You can even add our text-based resources if they apply to your school.

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Simplifying English to make writing easy.

Designed for the current Year 7 curriculum

Animated explainer videos and tutorials

Text-specific analysis with full-mark examples

Essay writing, creative writing and short answers

Reviewed and approved by English teachers

Step-by-step guides

Essay structures and question breakdowns

Regular content updates with new exercises


Modules and Texts

The following courses are currently available on Jeddle’s platform. For access to all of our core modules on Essay Writing, Creative Writing and Short Answers, as well as any text-based resources that apply to your school, use the ‘Create a Bundle’ option at the top of this page. Alternatively, get access to a specific text or module by clicking ‘Add to cart’ below.

Core Core

How to Write an Essay (Foundations)
How to Analyse a Text (Foundations)

Texts Texts

Blade Runner
The Simple Gift
Northern Lights
Honey Spot
The Hunger Games
The Rabbits
Spirited Away
The Yield
Catching Teller Crow
Sunshine Super Girl
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