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Access the most comprehensive resources for the Modern History course. Jeddle has combined teacher experience with student know-how to create the ultimate learning companion as you navigate the HSC course.

After customising your selection to match your prescribed texts and electives, you will have everything you need to excel in the Modern History course, including detailed course notes, practice questions with exemplar responses, and step-by-step guides for each section of the exam.

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Our Modern History Team

Combining teacher expertise with student know-how.


99.85 ATAR
5th in NSW (Advanced)
10th in NSW (Modern)


99.85 ATAR
4th in NSW (Advanced)
19th in NSW (Modern)


99.90 ATAR
1st in NSW
Dux of Year 12


99.95 ATAR
1st in NSW
Dux of Year 12


99.50 ATAR
2nd in NSW
Dux of Year 12
Text and Electives

Individual electives

The following electives are currently available on Jeddle’s platform. For full course access, use the ‘create a bundle’ option above. Alternatively, get individual access to an elective by clicking ‘add to bag’ below.

Core Study Core Study

Power and Authority in the Modern World

National Studies National Studies

Japan (1904-1937)
Russia and the Soviet Union (1917-1941)
USA (1919-1941)

Peace and Conflict Peace and Conflict

The Cold War
Conflict in the Pacific
Conflict in Europe
Conflict in Indochina

Change in the Modern World Change in the Modern World

Apartheid in South Africa
The Nuclear Age
The Changing World Order
Cultural Revolution to Tiananmen Square
Civil Rights in the USA
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