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Access the most comprehensive resources for the Year 11 English Advanced course. Jeddle has combined teacher experience with student know-how to create the ultimate learning companion as you progress through Year 11.

In addition to our core modules on Essay Writing, Creative Writing and Short Answer Responses, you can customise your selection to include any applicable resources based on the texts you are studying. These include syllabus-specific analysis, exemplary responses and step-by-step guides for each section of the exam.

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  • Band 6 Analysis
  • Sample Responses
  • Essay Structures
  • 150+ Video Tutorials
  • Creative Writing Guides
  • Short Answer Responses
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Optimising student engagement and results.

Designed for the current Year 11 syllabus

Text-specific analysis with Band 6 examples

Reviewed and approved by HSC markers

Essay structures and question breakdowns

Reading to Write examples and breakdowns

Directly usable exam materials

Question adaptation skills and examples

Regular content updates with new exercises

Our English Scholars

Combining teacher expertise with student know-how.


99.00 ATAR
University Medal
First Class Honours


99.70 ATAR
2nd in NSW
Dux of Year 12


99.85 ATAR
5th in NSW (Advanced)
10th in NSW (Modern)


99.85 ATAR
4th in NSW (Advanced)
19th in NSW (Modern)


99.75 ATAR
1st in NSW (Advanced)
5th in NSW (Extension I)


99.80 ATAR
Master of Laws and Economics
University of Sydney


99.00 ATAR
Bachelor of Arts/Laws
University of Sydney


99.20 ATAR
1st in NSW (Advanced)
First Class Honours in English

Modules and Texts

The following texts and modules are currently available on Jeddle’s platform. For access to multiple texts as well as the Reading to Write module, use the ‘Create a Bundle’ option at the top of this page. Alternatively, get access to a specific text or module by clicking ‘Add to cart’ below.

Core Core

How to Analyse a Text (Foundations)
Crafting Texts
Essay Writing
Analysing and Responding to Unseen Texts
Reading to Write

Texts Texts

The Sky So Heavy
Twelfth Night
The Outsiders
The Time Machine
Life of Pi
The Hunt for the Wilderpeople
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Animal Farm
The Circle
The Book Thief
Jasper Jones
Wilfred Owen Poetry
Of Mice and Men
To Kill a Mockingbird
Romeo and Juliet
Much Ado About Nothing
Lord of the Flies
The Great Gatsby
W.H. Auden Poetry
Brave New World
V for Vendetta
The Handmaid’s Tale
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Fahrenheit 451
Blade Runner
The Simple Gift
Northern Lights
The Hunger Games
The Rabbits
Spirited Away
The Yield
Pride and Prejudice
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