A masterclass for your English exams

Jeddle offers the most practical, curriculum-specific resources for English. Whether it’s essay writing, creative writing or textual analysis, Jeddle has everything you need to ace your exams.

Learn from the best

Learn from the state’s top achievers

Jeddle has teamed up with the highest-achieving students in the country so that you can see exactly what it takes to achieve full marks for each part of your English course. Get access to their model responses, which have been broken down into step-by-step guides.

Why choose us

Practical study guides for exam success

Teacher Certified

Teacher Certified

Our resources have been modelled and reviewed by a team of highly experienced teachers, including senior exam markers.
Proven Results

Proven Results

Subscribers have dramatically improved their results, including students who placed 1st in the state.
Practical and Marks-Driven

Practical and Marks-Driven

With practicality as their core ingredient, our resources are designed to optimise exam performance for students of all abilities.
AI-powered marking

Instant Marking and Feedback

Get instant feedback on your work at the click of a button. JeddAI delivers practical feedback and marking in seconds, allowing you to instantly improve the quality of your essays, creative writing pieces and other draft submissions. You can also get human feedback from Jeddle’s expert community. It’s your choice!

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