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What subjects do you offer?

Jeddle currently specialises in resources for the HSC course in NSW, including subjects such as English, Modern History, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and PDHPE.

How do I create a bundle if my elective is not listed?

You can still create a bundle for a subject such as English or Modern History even if one of your texts or electives is not listed. Simply click the ‘N/A’, ‘Not Applicable’ or ‘Skip this Module’ option under the relevant module. You must check a box for each module, so make sure this option is checked before proceeding to the checkout.

Can I subscribe to an individual text or elective?

Yes, for subjects which are bundled (such as English and Modern History), you can also subscribe to an individual text or elective by (1) scrolling to the bottom of the relevant subject page (e.g. ‘English Advanced’), (2) clicking the down arrow on one of the drop-down lists, and (3) clicking ‘Add to Bag’ next to one of the listed options.

How do I subscribe to more than one subject?

After adding the first subject to your cart, simply click off the side bar menu and return to the ‘Subjects’ page. Click ‘Create a Bundle’ or ‘Add to Bag’ next to the course you would like to add. Once you have added all of your desired subjects, click ‘Checkout’ on the cart menu and follow the prompts.

If you have already subscribed to a subject but would like to add another, simply go to the ‘Subjects’ page and click on the ‘Create a Bundle’ or ‘Add to Bag’ option next to the subject that you would like to add. Then click ‘Checkout’ and follow the prompts.


Can I see a sample of the resources?

Yes, click the ‘Sneak Peek’ option on the relevant subject page to view a sample of the resources.

When am I billed?

Each subscription is charged at the time of purchase and will not automatically renew unless expressly stated.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, all payments are processed using Stripe, a globally secure network. If you have any issues with payment, please email us at

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