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Getting feedback on your English work is the key to exam success. But it’s almost impossible to get feedback that is fast, practical and reliable. Most tutors are only available one hour per week and teachers are often too busy to mark your work straight away.

JeddAI allows you to get your work marked any time by real-life experts or using our AI-powered marking tools. Ace your exams with 24/7 access to the best tutors and teachers in the country.

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JeddAI gives you 24/7 access to a team of real-life expert markers and teacher-trained AI tools so that you can get instant feedback on your work, including line-by-line suggestions and overall grade estimates. Every piece of feedback is specific to your subject, year level, state and task type.

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Level up your writing with practical suggestions on how to improve the weaker parts of your responses. You can even see specific examples of what a better response would look like!

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I decided to buy a subscription for JeddAI and it has been beyond expectation!


I’ve subscribed to all sorts of other resources but nothing can compare to your notes!! In year 12, I came 3rd place and I walked out of the HSC super confident!


Thank you so so much for your incredible platform. I am in year 12 and this is by far the most extensive platform I have ever seen regarding English resources for all of the modules.


When I was doing the English paper, I was thinking about all of your helpful advice, tips and tricks! Your resources really helped me in the exam!


These resources are amazing! They literally give you everything you could want – essay structures, so many examples, and really sophisticated analysis that you can use straight away.


After using Jeddle’s resources, I ranked 5th in my exams out of 246 English students, moving my overall ranking into the top 7% of my cohort.
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