Boost your Marks with Instant Feedback

Meet Your 24/7 Tutor That Marks Your Essays On Demand

Jeddle’s revolutionary feedback and marking platform allows you to get unlimited feedback from either Jedd-AI, our AI-powered marking tool, or our community of experts and subscribers.

Give and Receive Feedback in Seconds

Jedd-AI provides instant feedback on your work, including specific edits, improvements and overall grades. All feedback is specific to your subject, year level, state and even task type.

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Track your Progress with Smart Analytics

Use Jeddle’s Smart Analytics to identify the specific strengths and targets for each class and student, including the most common suggestions for their work, completion rates and submission times.

Discover the Power of Peer Feedback

Teachers can facilitate collaborative feedback between students while sharing model responses with the class. And if you’re doing the marking yourself, our customisable marking tools will save you hours of time each week.

Jedd AI reviews


These resources are amazing! They literally give you everything you could want for the HSC: essay structures, so many examples, and really sophisticated analysis that you can use straight away.


When I was doing the English Advanced paper, I was thinking about all of your helpful advice, tips and tricks! Your resources really helped me in the exam!


I’ve subscribed to all sorts of other resources but nothing can compare to your notes!! In trials I came 3rd place and I walked out of the HSC super confident!


After using Jeddle’s resources, I ranked 5th in my HSC trials out of a cohort of 246 advanced English students, moving my overall ranking into the top 7% of my cohort.
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