The ultimate learning companion

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The ultimate learning companion
Jeddle offers the most practical, curriculum-specific English resources for students and teachers in Australia.
Expert Feedback in One Click
Get instant feedback on your drafts with Jeddle's AI-powered marking tool and team of experts.
The ultimate learning companion
Study Guides

Practical resources for exam success

Maximise your English marks with Jeddle’s online resources, which offer high-quality examples, in-depth analysis and step-by-step guides for every section of your exams.

Learn from the best

Learn from the state’s top achievers

Jeddle has teamed up with the highest-achieving students in each state so that you can see exactly what it takes to achieve full marks in each section of your exams. Get access to their model responses, which have been broken down into step-by-step guides.

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Why choose us

Providing study guides and examples for exam success

Teacher Certified

Teacher Certified

Our resources have been modelled and reviewed by a team of highly experienced teachers, including senior exam markers.
Proven Results

Proven Results

Subscribers have reported drastic improvements in their results, including students who placed 1st in the state.
Practical and Marks-Driven

Practical and Marks-Driven

With practicality as their core ingredient, our resources are designed to optimise exam performance for students of all abilities.
AI-marking and feedback

Instant Feedback and Marking

Get instant feedback on your work at the click of a button. JeddAI delivers practical feedback and marking in seconds, allowing you to instantly improve the quality of your essays, creative writing pieces and other draft submissions. You can also get human feedback from Jeddle’s expert community. It’s your choice!


Trusted by over 150 schools in Australia

Through its curriculum-specific English resources and simple tools for faster feedback and marking, Jeddle’s community continues to grow across Australia, improving student results in both private and public schools.

Proudly supported by the University of Sydney’s flagship accelerator program, INCUBATE
The numbers

Our results speak for themselves

Not only are students engaging with the platform, but their marks are improving.

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Marking and feedback

Reduced Marking Times & Collaborative Feedback

With Jeddle’s Feedback Hub, you can mark classwork in a fraction of the time, facilitate collaborative feedback between students and see exactly where a class or student is struggling. Our customisable marking templates, feedback banks and virtual library of shared responses make the entire feedback process effortless.

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